The Sheridan Police Department is comprised of several divisions:
K-9, Patrol, Certified Instructor, Specialty Instructor, Narcotics, Community
Policing,  Investigations.

Merit Division:
This division is made up of five full-time certified police officers.
Each officer is certified for field training; two teach at the Indiana Law
Enforcement Academy; four are certified Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
Instructors; two officers serve as advanced skills instructors; and one is a
certified K-9 handler.

Reserve Division:
A completely volunteer division (non-paid), this division is comprised of 19
certified reserve officers--trained, experienced police officers. One is a
certified K-9 handler and several are newly certified field training officers.
Three have completed the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and all have completed
the pre-basic course, certified to serve as law enforcement officers in the
State of Indiana.  One is a certified taser instructor.